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Hobby Horse Competitions & Rules 2021

We help you with finding Hobby Horse Competitions and Events being arranged around the globe. Learn the rules of hobby horsing and be ready to arrange your own competition.

If you also are interested in crafting your own hobby horse you can download our free hobby horse pattern here.

Hobby Horse Competitions 2021

A list of Hobby Horse Competitions being arranged in 2021, sorted by country.


United Kingdom


We are trying our best to search the web for hobby horse tournaments being arranged. We gather the ones we find here in our list of Hobby horse Competitions 2021.

If you know about a hobby horse competition, please email us at and we will publish the competition in our list.

Unfortunately, there are not many official hobby horse tournaments being arranged this year due to the covid-19 virus spreading around the globe.

There may be smaller hobby horse competitions being arranged locally that are hard for us to find when we are searching the web.

One tip is to keep your eyes open in your local Facebook group and at local riding schools, in cases, they would arrange a competition.

Also, keep an eye on #hobbyhorse on Instagram where a hobby horse competition could be announced.

What are the Rules of Hobby Horse?

There are no official rules of hobby horsing. Although the goal is to mimic a real horse competition as much as possible still keeping it accessible for everyone to enter.

We have a list of example rules that you are free to use if you are going to arrange your own hobby horse tournament.

Hobby Horse Rules

The rules are divided into three different areas. The rules being The rider, The horse, and the Competition. As there are no official rules, the rules can be modified to fit the competition in question.

  • The Rider
    • The rider must have a hobby horse to ride on.
    • All clothing is allowed.
    • Helmet is optional.
    • All ages are allowed.
  • The Hobby Horse
    • The Hobby horse needs to be whole and clean with no loose parts.
    • The stick needs to be at least 40cm measured from the horse’s head to the end of the stick.
    • The Hobby Horse is allowed to compete with or without reins.
  • The Competition – (Horse Jumping)
    • The rider must ride on the horse through the whole race.
    • All crews ride 1 round per class.
    • Fastest time wins.
    • The obstacles must be jumped in the correct order according to the numbering.
    • The crew must start on a given signal.
  • Points
    • Every second over set time – 1 error.
    • Pole knockdown – 4 points.
    • Refusal at a fence – 4 points.
    • If riders fal of the horse – Elimination.
  • Other
    • All competitors must be on site and registered on time to participate.


Hopefully more and more stick horse competitions will be arranged over time. In the meantime, you could arrange your own competition.

Remember to keep it simple, if you demand the rider to be equipped with a helmet, riding boots, and west it’s no longer going to be accessible for all. When you need a lot of equipment to enter it starts being about money instead of being about having fun! And there is no real reason that you would need helmet boots or west in a hobby horse competition.

Please let hobby horse competition be all about having fun!

Common questions

We have answered some common questions about hobby horse competitions.

What is a hobby horse tournament?

A hobby horse tournament is like a regular horse competition with the difference that you ride hobby horses instead of real horses.

It is most common for stick horse competitions to be held in jumping. But it can also be held in dressage or field competition,

An important part of the hobby horse sport and hobby horse competitions is accessibility.

The competition should look like a real horse competition, but it should still be accessible for anyone to participate.

This means that the cost of participating in a hobby horse competition must be affordable.

The rules should be as similar to a real horse race as possible without them becoming so difficult that not everyone understands.

Are hobby horse tournaments real?

They are very much real and more and more are organized every year.

Where are hobby horse tournaments held?

Hobby horse tournaments can be held anywhere by anyone.

It is common for riding schools to organize hobby horse competitions to attract younger riders.

It is also common for individuals to organize competitions at home in the garden or in a public area.

At the moment, it is most common with hobby horse competitions in northern Europe. Especially in Sweden and Finland. But the sport is growing bigger all over the world.