You are currently viewing #1 Printable Hobby Horse Pattern – Free Download

#1 Printable Hobby Horse Pattern – Free Download

The hobby horse sport is growing fast and it has become very popular to make your own hobby horses.

We want to give all hobby horse enthusiasts the tools and the ability to easily create their own hobby horses. With our hobby horse pattern, you can easily get started today!

We are happy to offer our own stick horse pattern for free! Simply download the pattern and follow the instructions.

Hobby Horse Pattern

Our hobby horse pattern is free and will get you started to create your own hobby horse today!

The hobby horse template is complete with step by step instructions and illustrations of each step.

You can download the hobby horse template with instructions in either A3 or A4 format. A3 or A4 means the size of the paper on which you are printing the pattern. A4 is the most common size of paper. A3 paper is twice the size of A4 paper.

If you do not know what to choose, you can choose A4 as all printers can print A4 paper.

What is included?

  • The hobby horse pattern is complete with patterns for all the parts you need for the stick horse.
  • Pattern for head markings.
  • Instructions on how to make a suitable bridle.
  • Step by step instructions on how to create the horse.
  • Instruction in text and images.
  • A material list of what you need to make the horse.


  1. Decide on which colors you want your hobby horse to have.
  2. Make sure you have all the materials and tools you need before you get started. A list of everything you need can be found below.
  3. Download the hobby horse pattern and instructions in the PDF above.
  4. It is important that you read the entire instruction in the downloadable PDF before you begin. This is to really make sure you have everything you need. And that you print the pattern with the correct settings on the printer. The PDF also contains additional images that complement the written instructions that are necessary for best results.
  5. Print the pattern. If you do not have access to your own printer, you may be able to borrow one at school or at work. In some libraries you can borrow printers either for free or for a small cost.
  6. Cut out all the pattern pieces from the paper.


  • Dense fabric (upholstery, corduroy, short-piled artificial fur, drape).
  • Pieces of material for the inner part of the ears, white and black leather or felt.
  • Knitting and sewing threads, or any fringe material (for mane).
  • Bulky cord or braid, thin belt, long handle for bridle, 220cm.
  • Sintepon or holofiber for stuffing.
  • Smoothly polished wooden stick (can be found at a hardware store).
  • Two metal rings for bridle, 3cm in diameter.
  • 10cm chain for bridle.


  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Needles,
  • Sewing machine (optional)

How To Make a Hobby Horse – Step- by Step

Step 1 – Cut out all parts

Pin the pattern to the fabric you have chosen and cut out all needed elements for the Hobby horse.
Cut the wooden stick to the needed length and choose yarn for the

Step 2 – Eyes and Nostrils

Glue or overstitch eye and nostril pieces to the relevant markings on the Hobby horse head.

Glued nostrils and eyes will have no visible attachment lines.

Stitched nostrils and eyes will have visible stiches as attachment lines.


Step 3 – Ears (and nostrils the other way)

Stitch ear parts together, turn the right sides inside out and
fold the edges of the ear as shown on the image.
Do the same to the nostrils if you chose to give a different
nostril design to the Hobby horse

ears and nostrils pattern

Step 4 – Attach ears (and nostrils the other way)

Make cuttings on the Hobby horse head according to markings
on the pattern and stitch in the eye and nostril parts.

Step 5 – Markings

Glue or stitch Hobby horse markings on the middle
Hobby horse pattern piece. You can choose the scheme from
the images below or apply it by your own design. (Please see the images in the downloadable PDF).

Step 6 – Assemble Hobby Horse head pattern parts

Stitch the middle Horse head part to the relevant edges of the
left and right Horse head pieces leaving the bottom seam
allowances open as an aperture to install the wooden stick.

Step 7 – Mane

Put the horse mane between the left and right horse heads parts
and stitch the three elements together.

Step 8 – Fill the head with padding

Fill the Hobby horse head with sintepon or holofiber. Shorten
the wooden stick to the desired length, coat one end with glue
and wrap it with a layer of padding polyester, fixing it with a thread.

Step 9 – Cut Bridle parts

Cut the rope/belt for the bridle in shorter lengths as shown on image

Step 10 – Assemble Bridle (1)

Attach belt parts to the ring by rolling one end around the ring
and fastening it with glue. Fix the metal chain around the ring.

Step 11 – Assemble Bridle (2)

Attach lower and upper belt parts to the bridle in the same
way as done in previous step

Step 12 – Mount Bridle

Put the bridle on the horse head.

Common questions

We have answered some common questions about making hobby horses.

What fabric do you use to make a hobby horse?

Actually, any fabric goes well if you do not have that many options at home. But for best results, it can be good with a dense fabric that is also stretchy. It may be easier to fill the horse’s head with padding if the fabric is stretchy. To make it look like real horse fur, you can use short-haired faux fur fabric.

How do you make a wooden hobby horse?

  1. Draw a horse’s head in profile on a piece of plywood or similar thin wooden board.
  2. Saw out the head along the mark. The easiest way to do this is with a jigsaw. If you do not have a jigsaw, it is also possible with a joint tail. It gets a little tighter and takes a little longer.
  3. Sand the sown horse head to remove all sharp edges and make them smooth.
  4. Cut a wooden stick to a suitable length, about 90 cm. Sand the ends so that they are smooth.
  5. Saw a notch in the top of the stick as wide as the thickness of the horse’s head.
  6. It is important that the diameter of the stick is twice as wide as the thickness of the horse’s head.
  7. Glue in the notch you made on the stick and push in the horse’s head.
  8. Let the glue harden.
  9. Decorate the wooden hobby horse as you wish!

How do you put a stick on a hobby horse?

You can attach the stick to the hobby horse in several different ways. You are ready to mount the stick when the horse’s head is sewn together and filled with padding. You must also have left an opening in the fabric at the bottom of the head where the stick is to be inserted.

First and foremost, try to get the stick high up in the head and the padding up to the ears for the horse’s head to be stable.

When the stick is inside the head, you need to attach the fabric in the opening where the stick goes in so that everything remains in place.

One way to do this is to apply glue to the fabric and attach it to the stick.

Another way is to wrap a leather strap around the bottom fabric against the cane so that everything attaches.

We recommend combining these methods. Glue first on the fabric and the stick and then wrap a leather band over the fabric and a bit down on the stick.

How do you make a unicorn hobby horse?

Making a stick horse unicorn is basically the same as making a regular hobby horse. The only difference is that the unicorn has a horn in the forehead and possibly the stick horse unicorn has other colors.

Start by choosing what colors you want it to have.

Then download our hobby horse pattern and follow all the instructions.

Then you can buy a unicorn horn that you think fits your hobby horse unicorn. Here is an example of a unicorn horn.

Alternatively, you can make your own horn with a little imagination.

Then just glue the horn at the right height between the eyes and the ears.

How much fabric do you need to make a hobby horse?

To find out how much fabric you need you can do this!

  1. Cut out all the parts from the stick horse pattern you are going to use.
  2. Place the pieces on the floor.
  3. Make sure each bit has a bit of a margin.
  4. Measure how long the fabric needs to be to fit all the parts.

How long should a hobby horse Stick be?

Around 90 cm is usually the right length for a hobby horse stick.

However, there is no length that is right or wrong. Some prefer a longer stick and some prefer a shorter stick.

It can be smart not to make the stick too short from the start. It is easier to make the stick a little longer than you thought and if you think it is too long, you can always cut it off later.

Even if it is easier to jump over obstacles if the stick is shorter you should also remember not to have a too short stick if you are going to compete. Most competitions require that the stick must be a certain length so that it does not count as cheating.


If you follow the above instructions, you should be able to make your very own hobby horse.

We want to point out that this can be a difficult hobby horse pattern for some and an easy one for others. It all depends on your prior knowledge. Get help from someone if you find it difficult.

Remember to read all the instructions before you start.

Good luck!